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What does it mean to be Latino?

Written by on 6th September 2019

What does it mean to be a Latino? According to Trump, we’re all a bunch of thieving Mexican rapists. According to everyone else were elite drug dealers and gold diggers, we’re either selling drug or taking them. A stereotype people use as an icebreaker more often than you’d think. So allow me to take a moment to make this point, if my dad was the most certified plug (for legal purposes ill say he is not) why would he put you on when you’re 25 still shotting draws off your moped? It’s just not a smart business move. But honestly being Latino to me is so much more, there’s such rich powerful energy and passion around us. We’re free-spirited and always ready for a good time. And believe me when I say always, I mean always. My dad is pushing 60 and he’s still ready to live his best life, but I admire that, life’s too short to take yourself so seriously so why not make the most to enjoy everything you can. And this only gets solidified when I have the pleasure of going back home to Colombia, you see these people immersed in poverty with yet such happiness and humility it makes you rethink the things we prioritize here, how they truly enjoy life when they may have a fraction of what we may have. This image lifestyle so easily consumes us it gives us superficial validation where we forget what’s truly important. But that’s the beauty of having a dual nationality I’m able to take both parts of my cultures and both combined allow me to view the world differently.


It’s also a luxury being from London.  We have access to the world like no other, due to being a blend of different places and cultures you gain an insight and understanding of the world. You see the beauty in our similarities and differences, we gain knowledge and compassion for one another because as much as we’re different we’re still united by the fact we’re all Londoners.  We have a place for everyone, areas submerged in cultures from overseas. I can go to Elephant and Castle, Brixton, Old Kent Road any time I want and have authentic Colombian food, dance the night away to salsa and reggeaton, whilst getting waved to aguardiente. Feeling truly Latino surrounded by likeminded people, and when I say this I don’t just mean other Latinos; because there’s nothing more beautiful than watching people of other ethnicities enjoying your culture and sharing the beauty of it. And all this saves me from the massive financial L of having to fly back home every time I feel homesick or want a reminding of my roots. Why spend £1000 when you can achieve all this for a £2.40 train fare. I’m able to identify as Latina and identify as a Londoner without having to feel like I’m losing the integrity of either culture and I think that’s an amazing blessing.

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  1. Kerlly   On   17th September 2019 at 1:02 AM

    Amazing first blog ??that’s exactly how it’s is to be a Latina/Latino ?
    It’s truly a blessing !!! ??
    Thank you for sharing.??

  2. Cindy Milasgos   On   19th September 2019 at 5:18 PM

    Amazing amazing amazing!!! I finally found a blog/radio show that champions my culture, i am actually emosh right now!!!!!!

    viva la raza…Big shout out to Luch and DD, Melina and the rest of the team!

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