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New Year. New Decade. New me?

Written by on 11th February 2020

January is finally coming to an end and if I’m honest, I’m disappointed. It’s just not going as magically as I thought it would; not to say it hasn’t been good, I just somehow deluded myself that a new decade, new year all of a sudden meant I would wake up transformed into this upgraded version of myself. Melina’s IOS update of 2020, inbuilt with drive, work ethic and the self discipline of Mark Whalberg. You might be wondering why him? The guy from Ted? Firstly, yes he is. Secondly, have you not seen this guys daily routine?! By 4am he’s already on his second work out of the day, runs his 3 businesses and still has time to do the school run. If that’s not the epitome of self discipline, then boy, i don’t know what is. Not so shockingly enough, this has not been the case for me personally. Waking up at the crack of dawn, failed. Working out 3x a week, failed. Eating healthy, failed. Being my most productive self, failed.


Now if you’re still here at this point you might think God Melina, way to start the year on a positive but if you stay with me I promise there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. So yes, i didn’t hit my targets straight off the bat and didn’t wake up on the 1st January a cyborg programmed for excellence. However, I did remain somewhat consistent and therefore there was progress. I worked out (meaning my beloved friend dragged me out of the house) i ate healthyish, partly due to lack of funds to afford to eat out, and I finally finished this blog. Productivity. I like to celebrate the small wins not to award mediocrity but because fundamentally when it really comes down to it; I just want to be better than the version I was yesterday.


Therefore, the moral of the story then, if you haven’t figured it out already, is if you set your goals and areas of improvement high enough, the mere attempt at it is a success in itself. You’re already doing more than what you were doing initially. More often than not you’re not going to be on a straight road to success (please Dm if you are, I could use the help) you might zig zag along the way but you’re still on that road getting there. Progress is progress, big or small. I don’t allow myself to get disheartened just motivated to continue the process slowly and steadily. As long as I’m accountable for my behaviour and I acknowledge that I am my biggest enemy. Especially when I make such compelling arguments on why I should stay in bed and order Mcdonald’s. Which is again why I have to hold myself accountable if i want to be my best self. I’m hoping for a GBL (Gym Butt Lift) and tripling my income. I guess I could settle for double though.Lastly well done to all you people that are better versions today than what they were yesterday, keep going and just imagine who you’ll have become by the end of the year.


Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.


Written by Melina Munoz

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