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Ladies, Our time is now

Written by on 25th November 2019

My current state of mind is a state of empowerment, power in my femininity and all the strength and resilience that comes with being a woman. This sense of empowerment has been summoned by the observing the powerful and intellectual women both in my life personally or those I have access to through social media. Disclaimer for the gentleman whose egos are hurting for not receiving praise at this moment in time, this is not a jab at men, we still see you. This is just to shine a light on the women that are currently inspiring me, women I believe we should hear more about, and I intend to share this state of mind and hopefully its contagious enough that you too can feel inspired.

The first individual I’d like to speak about is none other than Joanne Morales. If the name hasn’t rung a bell yet, please allow me to educate you. Joanne Morales is the CEO of the viral body-positive lingerie brand, which redefined the word nude. And I mean literally redefined the word nude in the oxford dictionary. The brand is called Nunude, which is exactly what it says, gave nude a new meaning (Newnude) by representing all shades of nude back in 2016  when no one else did. It then grew to represent women of all shapes, colours and abilities and still fights to challenge societies standards of beauty. However Joanne’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t start as an upcoming fashion designer, this girl has been hustling. From selling food in secondary school, which was usually always, a male-dominated field. She branched out when she saw the potential profit margins for renting out photo booths and turned it into a largely profitable side hustle at the meek age of 21. 21?! This just goes to show the kind of mindset she has even despite her young age. Above all else,Joanne does not shy away from adversity and continues to grow, and share her manifesto of inclusivity, which we saw in her success of an event Afroton, which united and celebrated both the Latin and Caribbean culture, through music, beer pong and an exclusive fashion show of her upcoming collection. Partnered with Jproductions.

If the first entrepreneurial phenomenon didn’t inspire you enough then this next big boss babe definitely will. I’d like to formally introduce to you the bubbly, hilarious and candid Latina I just can’t get enough of “your mamacita Milena Sanchez”. She is 1/3 of the renowned TheReceiptsPodcast. For those that don’t know what that is, its essentially three of your best girlfriends discussing real-life situations, struggles, stories and giving you advice via your earphones, or airpods if you fancy. They make you laugh, they make you cry, they trigger your past trauma (a.k.a men) but what I love is the honesty and vulnerability in which they do this, especially Milena. The candidness of her opinions and life experiences is what makes her so likeable and relatable. She expresses the challenges of motherhood, of dating and of self-love and turned her experiences into income. Boss. Now their podcast is sponsored by Spotify and they’re in the midst of their UK tour TheReceiptsPodcast Live, which has had sold-out dates. I don’t think there’s any way to describe it other than a success.

The last Latina I want to bring light to I’m partially biased on, but ill tell you about her regardless. It’s the beautiful and talented Co-host to LuchandDD live, DeeDee. I’m assuming if you’re reading this blog then you know who she is but just in case you don’t know what she’s about,  I’ll explain. Not only is she your entertainment for Tuesday evenings 9-11pm, not only is she my weekly fashion inspiration. She’s also the biggest, baddest, boldest female MC that’s just jumped on to the scene. When she takes the stage, she has you mesmerised, captivated and she has your bank card at the ready. Her raunchy lyrics and devilish vixen persona had the crowd ready to risk it all at her first performance at the Ritzy, Brixton. A crowd member and I quote literally shouted, “ I have a girl, but I’m ready to risk it all” during her performance of latest single Sinner. So, ladies, you may have to leave your man at home before coming to see DamnDD live. Her raw confidence and sensual stage presence are inspiring to see and I cant wait to see her dominate 2020.

It’s the self-confidence each and every one of these ladies had to go and achieve their goals that I find empowering. They had a vision, a thought and shared it with the world which in turn manifested into a career, they didn’t let the idea of fear or rejection stop them and it’s a lesson each and every one of us could take from them.


Written by Melina Munoz of LuchandDD



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