Current track



Our Vision

Tribe Urban is a new and innovative media house designed to create, champion and promote the next generation of creatives. The media house believes that every year, there is an opportunity for individuals to emerge in the creative industries (entertainment, music, arts, culture, presenting) and because it has been identified that there isn’t an active hub to help them achieve this, some of the most talented people are missing out on genuine opportunities to develop these skills.

Having realised this, it was decided that a vehicle would be created to help the disadvantaged creatives cultivate and develop their skills. This led to the Media House developing and implementing a robust framework and structure for this to be delivered through the course of last year.

On the 1st of January 2019, the radio department of the business launched with the focus of championing the black entertainment culture through interactive media. Beyond creating, championing and promoting the next generation of creatives, Tribe Urban Radio will become the number one hub for promoting new & current music, revisiting old-skool music, motivating and inspiring the current and future generation and also giving upcoming artist the opportunity to finally get that break they have never had in the music industry.

Our Mission

Our driving force is to support, grow and enable as many people within the minority ethnic community interested in being part of the media or entertainment industry. There is a clear opportunity to actually champion that dream/vision as we are strongly encouraging of people from our local vicinity area in becoming a part of our ever-growing team but above all, we are keen on working with young people from all works of life and background.

We are of the belief that the entertainment industry especially with the recent spike in interest for Afro, Caribbean, Latino and Urban entertainment makes a company like ours, one that looks after the interest of the people who are indigenes to these markets.

We intend to deliver this by;

  • Stream recorded and/or live programs via the Internet.
  • Deliver a wide spectrum of programs that allow (within legal limits), expressions of opinion and opportunities to learn.
  • Raise awareness of ‘what’s on’ in the local area and other key public information.
  • Promote and celebrate the African and Urban culture, such as language, music, and heritage.
  • Use this process to bring our community together and create a sense of pride.
  • Play a role where necessary in tackling or addressing tough social and community issues.
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for people to develop their skills and knowledge through training, specific roles and/or positions of responsibility.
  • Create a well-run local media powerhouse that results in a positive image of the African and Urban Culture.
  • Maintain popularity, volunteer numbers, and raise sufficient money to sustain the station.

Beyond Radio

As a new and exciting brand in the entertainment industry, we are equipped to do a lot more than broadcast radio shows, as we believe that in order to fully champion the entertainment industry, there are a variety of vehicles which will need to be activated to ensure that we can successfully drive the culture forward without the usual political impediments the industry currently holds.

Tribe Urban’s main aim is to bring the artistry of its creatives to the world, which led them into making the decision to make the radio station a strictly online and app-based platform. In addition, they also know that the future of radio is headed in the internet/streaming direction especially with the implementation of app services in modern vehicles and the use of bluetooth technology coupled with the global reach of the app.

The TRIBE URBAN APP is Downloadable for free from either the Google Store (for android users) or the Apple App Store for (iOS users).